Overview of database server configuration and administration

After you install HCL Informix®, you configure the database server system and start administering the database server.

When you install HCL Informix, follow the installation instructions to ensure that all prerequisites are met (for example, the permissions of all key files and directories are set appropriately). The installation instructions are in the HCL Informix Installation Guide.

You must have the correct permissions to administer the database server. For most administration tasks, you need the following permissions:

You have various options to choose from when you configure the database server. Configuration includes customizing your environment and the database server. You can control how the database server runs and what function is available.

You must configure connectivity to connect to client administration tools and applications.

You must do some initial administration tasks to finish setting up your database server system. After you configure the database server, your administration responsibilities include a set of routine tasks.

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