Connectivity configuration

The connectivity information allows a client application to connect to the database server on the network. You must prepare the connectivity information even if the client application and the database server are on the same computer or node.

Informix® client/server connectivity information, the sqlhosts information, includes the database server name, the type of connection that a client can use to connect to the database server, the host name of the computer or node on which the database server runs, and the service name by which it is known. You do not need to specify all possible network connections in the sqlhosts information before you start the database server. However, to make a new connection available you must shut down the database server and then restart it.

The sqlhosts file contains connectivity information. You might also need to modify other connectivity and security files, depending on your needs.

When the database server is online, you can connect client applications and begin to create databases. Before you can access information in a database, the client application must connect to the database server environment. To connect to and disconnect from a database server, you can issue SQL statements from the client programs that are included in the HCL Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK), such as OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix, DB-Access, or API drivers.

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