UNIX operating-system tools

The database server relies on the operating system of the host computer to provide access to system resources such as the CPU, memory, and various unbuffered disk I/O interfaces and files. Each operating system has its own set of utilities for reporting how system resources are used. Different operating-systems might have monitoring utilities with the same name but different options and informational displays.

The following table shows typical UNIX operating-system resource-monitoring utilities. For information about how to monitor your operating-system resources, consult your system administration guide.
UNIX utility Description
vmstat Displays virtual-memory statistics.
iostat Displays I/O utilization statistics.
sar Displays various resource statistics.
ps Displays active process information.
cron Captures the status of system resources by a system scheduler that runs a command or program at regular intervals. You also can use other scheduling tools that are available with your operating system.

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