Creating the sqlhosts file with a text editor

Each computer that hosts a database server or a client must have an sqlhosts file.

The sqlhosts file is located, by default, in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory. As an alternative, you can set the INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variable to the full path name and file name of a file that contains the sqlhosts information.

Open any standard text editor to create the sqlhosts file.

  • Use white space (spaces, tabs, or both) to separate the fields.
  • Do not include any spaces or tabs within a field.
  • To put comments in the sqlhosts file, start a line with the comment character (#). You can also leave lines blank for readability.

Sample sqlhosts file

The following code block shows a sample sqlhosts file.

#dbservername    nettype       hostname      servicename      options
 menlo           onipcshm      valley        menlo
 newyork         ontlitcp      hill          dynsrvr2         s=2,b=5120
 payroll         onsoctcp      dewar         py1
 asia            group          -             -               e=asia.3
 asia.1          ontlitcp      node6         svc8             g=asia
 asia.2          onsoctcp      node0         svc1             g=asia
 portland        drsocssl      dewar         portland_serv

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