Setting up the SQLHOSTS registry key with Setnet32 (Windows)

A client application connects to the Informix® database server that is running on a computer that can be reached through the network. To establish the connection, use Setnet32 to specify the location of the Informix database server on the network and the network communications protocol to use. You must obtain this information from the administrator of the database server you want to use.

If you specify a shared SQLHOSTS registry key, you must set the INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variable on your local computer to the name of the Windows computer that stores the registry. The database server first looks for the SQLHOSTS registry key on the INFORMIXSQLHOSTS computer. If the database server does not find an SQLHOSTS registry key on the INFORMIXSQLHOSTS computer, or if INFORMIXSQLHOSTS is not set, the database server looks for an SQLHOSTS registry key on the local computer.

You must comply with Windows network-access conventions and file permissions to ensure that the local computer has access to the shared SQLHOSTS registry key. For information about network-access conventions and file permissions, see your Windows documentation.

  1. Double-click Setnet32 in the folder that contains the Client SDK products.

    The Informix Setnet32 window opens.

  2. Click the Server Information tab to display the Server Information page, which has the following elements:
    • Informix Server

      Select an existing Informix database server or type the name of a new database server.

    • Host Name

      Select the host computer with the database server that you want to use or type the name of a new host computer.

    • Protocol Name

      Select a network protocol from a list of protocols that the installation procedure provides.

    • Service Name

      Specify the service name that is associated with a specific database server. Type either the service name or the port number that is assigned to the database server on the host computer. You must obtain this information from the database server administrator.

      Requirement: If you enter a service name, it must be defined on the client computer in the services file in the Windows installation directory. This file is in system32\drivers\etc\services. The service definition must match the definition on the database server host computer.
    • Options

      Enter options specific to the database server. For more information, see the IBM® Informix Administrator's Guide.

    • Make Default Server

      Sets the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable to the name of the current database server to make it the default database server.

    • Delete Server

      Deletes the definition of a database server from the Windows registry. It also deletes the host name, protocol name, and service name associated with that database server.

  3. Click OK to save the values.

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