IANA standard service names and port numbers in the sqlhosts.std file

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigns service names and port numbers for HCL Informix® database servers.

The services names and port numbers for database servers are:
Port/service IANA code Description
sqlexec 9088/tcp Informix SQL Interface
sqlexec-ssl 9089/tcp Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted

These service names are created in the sqlhosts.std file of Informix. You are not required to change installed Informix systems, because they continue to work with existing port numbers and service names. (Also, there is no guarantee that some other system is not already using the service names or port numbers assigned to Informix.)

Organizations that have policies for following standards can use these service names and port numbers if they want the database server to be in compliance with the IANA standard. If another application that is installed on the same workstation already uses one of the service names or port numbers, you can ask the publisher of the non-compliant application to register for an IANA port number assignment to avoid the conflict. When applications are noncompliant, you can run Informix using non-standard ports.

For more information, see the IANA organization website.

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