Allocating poll threads for an interface/protocol combination with the NETTYPE configuration parameter

The NETTYPE configuration parameter configures poll threads for each connection type that your instance of the database server supports. You can use this configuration parameter to allocate more than one poll thread for an interface/protocol combination.

Set the NETTYPE configuration parameter as follows:

  1. Specify SQLI, drtlitcp, or drsoctcp as the connection protocol.
  2. Add information about the number of poll threads, the number of connections, and the virtual processor class.
For example, specify:
NETTYPE drtlitcp,3,2,CPU

A NETTYPE entry can handle multiple database server aliases on the same protocol type. Thus, when DRDA is in use, the network listener thread (NETTYPE drtlitcp or drsoctcp) typically has at least two sockets open and listening for connections. One socket is open for SQLI connections and another is open for DRDA connections. Additional sockets might be open if many separate server aliases are configured.

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