Specify the size of the DRDA communication buffer with the DRDA_COMMBUFFSIZE configuration parameter

Use the DRDA_COMMBUFFSIZE configuration parameter to specify the size of the DRDA communications buffer. The minimum size is 4 KB, the maximum size is 2 megabytes, and the default value is 32 KB.

You can specify a one megabyte buffer as 1M, 1m, 1024K, 1024k, or 1024. HCL Informix® automatically resets values that are less than 4 KB as 32 KB.

When a DRDA session is established, the session allocates a communication buffer of the current buffer size.

You can use the isgetdrdacommbuffsize() function to return the current value of DRDA_COMMBUFFSIZE.

You cannot use the onmode -wm command to change the setting while the database server is running.

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