Add a network-interface card

You can add a network-interface card to improve performance or connect the database server to multiple networks.

You might want to improve performance if the network-interface card for the host computer cannot service connection requests satisfactorily.

To support multiple network-interface cards, you must assign each card a unique hostname (network address) in sqlhosts.

For example, using the same dbservernames shown in Add listen threads, the sqlhosts file or registry entries shown in the following table cause the database server to start three listen threads for the same interface/protocol combination (as did the entries in Add listen threads). In this case, however, two of the threads are listening to ports on one interface card (myhost1), and the third thread is listening to a port on the second interface card (myhost2).
Table 1. Example of sqlhosts entries to support two network-interface cards for the onsoctcp interface/protocol combination
dbservername nettype hostname service name
soc_ol1 onsoctcp myhost1 port1
soc_ol2 onsoctcp myhost1 port2
soc_ol3 onsoctcp myhost2 port1

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