Set virtual-processor configuration parameters

Use the VPCLASS configuration parameter to designate a class of virtual processors (VPs), create a user-defined virtual processor, and specify options such as the number of VPs that the server starts, the maximum number of VPs allowed for the class, and the assignment of VPs to CPUs if processor affinity is available.

The table lists the configuration parameters that are used to configure virtual processors.

Table 1. Configuration parameters for configuring virtual processors
Parameter Description
MULTIPROCESSOR Set to 1 to support multiple CPU virtual processors, or to 0 for only a single CPU VP
NETTYPE Specifies parameters for network protocol threads and virtual processors
SINGLE_CPU_VP Set to 0 to enable user-defined CPU VPs, or to any other setting for only a single CPU VP
VPCLASS Each defines a VP class and its properties, such as how many VPs of this class start when the server starts
VP_MEMORY_CACHE_KB Speeds access to memory blocks by creating a private memory cache for each CPU virtual processor

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