A page is the physical unit of disk storage that the database server uses to read from and write to HCL Informix® databases.

The following figure illustrates the concept of a page, represented by a darkened sector of a disk platter.
Figure 1. A page on disk
This figure shows a disk with one small darkened sector.

On most UNIX platforms, the page size is 2 KB. On Windows, the page size is 4 KB. Because your hardware determines the size of your page, you cannot alter this value.

A chunk contains a certain number of pages, as the following figure illustrates. A page is always entirely contained within a chunk; that is, a page cannot cross chunk boundaries.
Figure 2. A chunk, logically separated into a series of pages
The paragraph that precedes this figure describes the content of the figure.

For information about how the database server structures data within a page, see the chapter on disk structures and storage in the HCL Informix Administrator's Reference

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