A dbspace is a logical unit that can contain between 1 and 32,766 chunks. The database server uses the dbspace to store databases and tables. Place databases, tables, logical-log files, and the physical log in dbspaces.

When you create a standard or temporary dbspace, you can specify the page size for the dbspace. You cannot specify a page size for blobspaces, sbspaces, or external spaces. If you do not specify a page size, the size of the root dbspace is the default page size.

When you create a standard dbspace, you can specify the first and next extent sizes for the tblspace in the dbspace. Specifying the extent sizes reduces the number of tblspace extents and reduces the frequency of situations when you must place the tblspace extents in non-primary chunks.

You can mirror every chunk in a mirrored dbspace. As soon as the database server allocates a mirror chunk, it flags all space in that mirror chunk as full.

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