Sbspaces and Enterprise Replication

Before you define a replication server for Enterprise Replication, you must create an sbspace. Enterprise Replication spools the replicated data to smart large objects.

Specify the sbspace name in the CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE configuration parameter. Enterprise Replication uses the default log mode with which the sbspace was created for spooling the row data. The CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE configuration parameter accepts multiple sbspaces, up to a maximum of 32 sbspaces. Enterprise Replication can support a combination of logging and non-logging sbspaces for storing spooled row data. For more information, see the IBM® Informix® Enterprise Replication Guide.

You can have Enterprise Replication automatically configure disk space from the storage pool and set the appropriate configuration parameters when defining a replication server. If the CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE or the CDR_DBSPACE configuration parameter is not set or is set to blank, the cdr define server command automatically creates the necessary disk space and sets the configuration parameters to appropriate values.

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