Buffering mode

When you create an sbspace, the default buffering mode is on, which means to use the buffer pool in the resident portion of shared memory.

As the database administrator, you can specify the buffering mode with the BUFFERING tag of the onspaces -c -Df option. The default is “buffering=ON”, which means to use the buffer pool. If you turn off buffering, the database server uses private buffers in the virtual portion of shared memory.
Important: In general, if read and write operations to the smart large objects are less than 8 KB, do not specify a buffering mode when you create the sbspace. If you are reading or writing short blocks of data, such as 2 KB or 4 KB, leave the default of “buffering=ON” to obtain better performance.

For information about when to use private buffers, see the section on light-weight I/O operations in the topics about configuration effects on I/O utilization in your HCL Informix® Performance Guide.

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