Comparison of temporary and standard sbspaces

The following table compares standard and temporary sbspaces.

Table 1. Temporary and standard sbspaces
Characteristics Standard sbspace Temporary sbspace
Stores smart large objects Yes No
Stores temporary smart large objects Yes Yes
Logs metadata Metadata is always logged Metadata is not logged
Logs user data User data is not logged for temporary smart large objects but is logged for permanent smart large objects if LOGGING=ON User data is not logged

Creation and deletion of space, and addition of chunks is logged

Fast recovery Yes No (the sbspace is emptied when the database server restarts) To set up shared memory without cleaning up temporary smart large objects, specify oninit -p. If you keep the temporary large objects, their state is indeterminate.
Backup and restore Yes No
Add and drop chunks Yes Yes
Configuration parameter SBSPACENAME SBSPACETEMP

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