Rename dbspaces

You can use the onspaces utility to rename a dbspace if you are user informix or have DBA privileges and the database server is in quiescent mode (and not any other mode).

To rename a dbspace use the following onspaces utility command:
onspaces -ren old_dbspace_name-n new_dbspace_name

You can rename standard dbspaces and all other spaces, including blobspaces, smart blobspaces, temporary spaces, and external spaces. However, you cannot rename any critical dbspace, such as a root dbspace or a dbspace that contains physical logs.

You can rename a dbspace and an sbspace:
  • When Enterprise Replication is enabled
  • On a primary database server when data replication is enabled

You cannot rename a dbspace and an sbspace on a secondary database server or when the secondary database server is part of the Enterprise Replication configuration

The rename dbspace operation only changes the dbspace name; it does not reorganize data.

The rename dbspace command updates the dbspace name in all places where that name is stored. This includes reserved pages on disk, system catalogs, the ONCONFIG configuration file, and in-memory data structures.

Important: After renaming a dbspace, perform a level-0 archive of the renamed dbspace and the root dbspace. For information, see the IBM® Informix® Backup and Restore Guide.

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