Creating an sbspace

Use the onspaces utility or IBM® Informix® Server Administrator (ISA) to create an sbspace.

Use the onspaces utility to create an sbspace.

To create an sbspace using onspaces:

  1. To create an sbspace on UNIX, you must be logged in as user informix or root.

    To create an sbspace on Windows, you must be a member of the Informix-Admin group.

  2. Ensure that the database server is online, administration, or quiescent mode, or in the cleanup phase of fast-recovery mode.
  3. Use the onspaces -c -S options to create the sbspace.
    1. Use the -p option to specify the path name, the -o option to specify the offset, and the -s option to specify the sbspace size.
    2. If you want to mirror the sbspace, use the -m option to specify the mirror path and offset.
    3. If you want to use the default storage characteristics for the sbspace, omit the -Df option.

      If you want to specify different storage characteristics, use the -Df option. For more information, see Storage characteristics of sbspaces.

    4. The first chunk in an sbspace must have a metadata area.

      You can specify a metadata area for an sbspace or let the database server calculate the size of the metadata area. For more information, see Size sbspace metadata.

  4. After you create the sbspace, you must perform a level-0 backup of the root dbspace and the new sbspace.
  5. To start storing smart large objects in this sbspace, specify the space name in the SBSPACENAME configuration parameter.
  6. Use onstat -d, onstat -g smb s, and oncheck -cs, -cS, -ps, or -pS to display information about the sbspace.

    For more information, see Monitor sbspaces.

This shows how to create a 20-megabyte mirrored sbspace, sbsp4. Offsets of 500 KB for the primary and 500 KB for the mirror chunks are specified, and a metadata size of 150 KB with a 200 KB offset. The AVG_LO_SIZE -Df tag specifies an expected average smart-large-object size of 32 KB.
onspaces -c -S sbsp4 -p /dev/rawdev1 -o 500 -s 20480 -m /dev/rawdev2 500 
-Ms 150 -Mo 200 -Df "AVG_LO_SIZE=32"

For information about creating an sbspace and default options for smart large objects, see information about the onspaces utility in the HCL Informix Administrator's Reference. For information about creating smart large objects, see the IBM Informix DataBlade API Programmer's Guide and IBM Informix ESQL/C Programmer's Manual.

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