The oncheck -pr command

The database server stores chunk information in the reserved pages PAGE_1PCHUNK and PAGE_2PCHUNK.

To list the contents of the reserve pages, run oncheck -pr. The following example shows sample output for oncheck -pr. This output is essentially the same as the onstat -d output; however, if the chunk information has changed since the last checkpoint, these changes are not in the oncheck -pr output.
Validating PAGE_1DBSP & PAGE_2DBSP...
          Using dbspace page PAGE_2DBSP.

    DBspace number                 1
    DBspace name                   rootdbs
    Flags                          0x20001          No mirror chunks
    Number of chunks               2
    First chunk                    1
    Date/Time created              07/28/2008 14:46:55
    Partition table page number    14
    Logical Log Unique Id          0
    Logical Log Position           0
    Oldest Logical Log Unique Id   0
    Last Logical Log Unique Id     0
    Dbspace archive status         No archives have occurred
          Using primary chunk page PAGE_2PCHUNK.

    Chunk number                   1
    Flags                          0x40       Chunk is online
    Chunk path                     /home/server/root_chunk
    Chunk offset                   0 (p)
    Chunk size                     75000 (p)
    Number of free pages           40502
    DBSpace number                 1

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