Monitor blobspace usage with oncheck -pe

The oncheck -pe command provides information about blobspace usage:
  • Names of the tables that store TEXT and BYTE data, by chunk
  • Number of disk pages (not blobpages) used, by table
  • Number of free disk pages remaining, by chunk
  • Number of overhead pages used, by chunk

The following example shows sample oncheck -pe output.

BLOBSpace Usage Report:  fstblob           Owner:  informix  Created: 03/01/08
     Chunk: 3   /home/server/blob_chunk                 Size     Used     Free
                                                        4000      304     3696
         Disk usage for Chunk 3                     Total Pages
         OVERHEAD                                             8
         stores_demo:chrisw.catalog                         296
         FREE                                              3696

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