The oncheck -ps option

The oncheck -ps option validates and displays information about the metadata areas in sbspace partitions. The following example shows an example of the -ps output for s9_sbspc. If you do not specify an sbspace name on the command line, oncheck validates and displays tblspace information for all storage spaces.

To monitor the amount of free metadata space, run the following command:
oncheck -ps spacename

The -ps output includes information about the locking granularity, partnum, number of pages allocated and used, extent size, and number of rows in the metadata area. Use the oncheck -ps output to see how much space is left in the metadata area. If it is full, allocate another chunk with adequate space for the metadata area.

If you run oncheck -ps for the dbspace that contains the tables where the smart large objects are stored, you can find the number of rows in the table.

Validating space 's9_sbspc' ...

TBLSpace Report for 
    TBLspace Flags                 2801       Page Locking
                                              TBLspace use 4 bit bit-maps
                                              Permanent System TBLspace

    Partition partnum              0x200001
    Number of rows                 92        
    Number of special columns      0         
    Number of keys                 0         
    Number of extents              1         
    Current serial value           1         
    First extent size              50        
    Next extent size               50        
    Number of pages allocated      50        
    Number of pages used           6         
    Number of data pages           0         
    Number of rows                 0         
    Partition lockid               2097153   

    Current SERIAL8 value          1         
    Current REFID value            1         
    Created                        Thu May 24 14:14:33 2007

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