Status flags of logical-log files

All logical-log files have one of the following status flags in the first position: Added (A), Deleted (D), Free (F), or Used (U). The following table shows the possible log-status flag combinations.

Table 1. Logical-log status flags
Status flag Status of logical-log file
A------ Log file has been added, and is available, but has not yet been used.
D------ If you drop a log file with a status of U-B, it is marked as deleted. This log file is dropped and its space is freed for reuse when you take a level-0 backup of all storage spaces.
F------ Log file is free and available for use.

A logical-log file is freed after it is backed up, all transactions within the logical-log file are closed, and the oldest update stored in this file is flushed to disk.

U Log file has been used but not backed up.
U-B---- Log file is backed up but still required for recovery. (The log file is freed when it is no longer required for recovery.)
U-B---L Log is backed up but still required for recovery. Contains the last checkpoint record.
U---C The database server is currently filling the log file.
U---C-L This current log file contains the last checkpoint record.

Use the onstat -l command to list the log files by number and monitor the status flags and percentage of log space used. For more details, see The onstat -l command.

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