Size of the logical-log file

The minimum size for a logical-log file is 200 KB.

The maximum size for a logical-log file is 524288 pages (equivalent to 0x7ffff + 1), with a 2 KB or 4 KB base-page size, depending on the operating system. To determine the database server's base-page size on your operating system, run onstat -d and then check the pgsize value for the root dbspace.

Determine the size and number of log files to use. If you allocate more disk space than necessary, space is wasted. If you do not allocate enough disk space, however, performance might be adversely affected. Use larger log files when many users are writing to the logs at the same time.

Note: Smaller log files mean that you can recover to a later time if the disk that contains the log files goes down. If continuous log backup is set, log files are automatically backed up as they fill. Smaller logs result in slightly longer logical recovery.

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