Action if the next logical-log file is not free

If the database server attempts to switch to the next logical-log file but finds that the next log file in sequence is still in use, the database server immediately suspends all processing. Even if other logical-log files are free, the database server cannot skip a file in use and write to a free file out of sequence. Processing stops to protect the data within the logical-log file.

The logical-log file might be in use for any of the following reasons:
  • The file contains the latest checkpoint or the oldest update not yet flushed to disk.

    Issue the onmode -c command to perform a checkpoint and free the logical-log file. For more information, see Force a checkpoint.

  • The file contains an open transaction.

    The open transaction is the long transaction explained in Controlling long transactions.

  • The file is not backed up.

    If the logical-log file is not backed up, processing resumes when you use ON-Bar or ontape to back up the logical-log files.

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