Delete a log file with status D

When you drop a used log file, it is marked as deleted (status D) and cannot be used again, and onparams prints this message:
Log file log_file_number has been pre-dropped. It will be 
deleted from the log list and its space can be reused 
once you take level 0 archives of all BLOBspaces, 
Smart BLOBspaces and non-temporary DBspaces.

The level 0 archive is necessary to make sure that the log file itself and all of the associated information in the different dbspaces has been archived. The log file is deleted at the end of the level 0 archive; however, because the removal of the log file is itself a change in the root reserved pages structure on the disk, the next archive to be taken also must be a level 0 archive. The level 0 archive must occur before a level 1 or level 2 archive can be performed.

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