The oncheck -pr command

The database server stores logical-log file information in the reserved pages dedicated to checkpoint information. Because the database server updates this information only during a checkpoint, it is not as recent as the information that the onstat -l option displays. For more details on using these options to display reserved page information, see the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

You can view the checkpoint reserved pages with the oncheck -pr command. The following example shows sample output for one of the logical-log files.

Log file number             1
Unique identifier           7
Log contains last checkpoint Page 0, byte 272
Log file flags              0x3  Log file in use
                                 Current log file
Physical location           0x1004ef
Log size                    750 (p)
Number pages used           1
Date/Time file filled       01/29/2001 14:48:32

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