Location of dynamically added logical log files

If the DYNAMIC_LOGS configuration parameter is set to 2, the default location of dynamically added log files is the dbspace that contains the newest log file.

The database server allocates log files in dbspaces, in the following search order. A dbspace becomes critical if it contains logical-log files or the physical log.

Allocate log file in
The dbspace that contains the newest log files

(If this dbspace is full, the database server searches other dbspaces.)

Mirrored dbspace that contains log files (but excluding the root dbspace)
All dbspaces that already contain log files (excluding the root dbspace)
The dbspace that contains the physical log
The root dbspace
Any mirrored dbspace
Any dbspace

If you do not want to use this search order to allocate the new log file, you must set the DYNAMIC_LOGS parameter to 1 and run onparams -a -i with the location you want to use for the new log. For details, see Monitor events for dynamically added logs.

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