Turn automatic LRU tuning on or off

Use the AUTO_LRU_TUNING configuration parameter to enable or disable automatic LRU tuning when the database server starts.

If the RTO_SERVER_RESTART configuration parameter is set, the database server automatically triggers checkpoints so that it can bring the server online within the specified time. The database server prints warning messages in the message log if the server cannot meet the RTO_SERVER_RESTART policy.

To turn off automatic LRU tuning for a particular session, issue an onmode –wm AUTO_LRU_TUNING=0 command.

To turn on automatic LRU tuning after turning it off during a session, issue an onmode –wm AUTO_LRU_TUNING=1 command

Automatic LRU tuning changes affect all buffer pools and adjust lru_min_dirty and lru_max_dirty values in the BUFFERPOOL configuration parameter.

For more information about LRU tuning, see the HCL Informix® Performance Guide.

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