When the database server recovers a mirror chunk, it performs the same recovery procedure that it uses when mirroring begins. The mirror-recovery process consists of copying the data from the existing online chunk onto the new, repaired chunk until the two are identical.

When you initiate recovery, the database server puts the down chunk in recovery mode and copies the information from the online chunk to the recovery chunk. When the recovery is complete, the chunk automatically receives online status. You perform the same steps whether you are recovering the primary chunk of a mirrored pair or recovering the mirror chunk.
Tip: You can still use the online chunk during the recovery process. If data is written to a page that has already been copied to the recovery chunk, the database server updates the corresponding page on the recovery chunk before it continues with the recovery process.

For information about how to recover a down chunk, see the information about recovering a mirror chunk on page Recover a mirror chunk.

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