Preparing to mirror data

This section describes how to start mirroring data on a database server that is not running with the mirroring function enabled.

To prepare to mirror data:

  1. Take the database server offline and enable mirroring.

    See Enable the MIRROR configuration parameter.

  2. Bring the database server back online.
  3. Allocate disk space for the mirror chunks.

    You can allocate this disk space at any time, as long as the disk space is available when you specify mirror chunks in the next step. The mirror chunks must be on a different disk than the corresponding primary chunks. See Allocate disk space for mirrored data.

  4. Choose the dbspace, blobspace, or sbspace that you want to mirror, and specify a mirror-chunk path name and offset for each primary chunk in that storage space.

    The mirroring process starts after you perform this step. Repeat this step for all the storage spaces that you want to mirror. See Using mirroring.

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