Hardware and operating-system requirements for clusters

For a high-availability cluster to function, your hardware must meet certain requirements.

Your hardware must meet the following requirements:
  • The primary and secondary servers must be able to run the same HCL Informix® executable image, even if they do not have identical hardware or operating systems. For example, you can use servers with different Linux 32-bit operating systems because those operating systems can run the same Informix executable image. In this situation, you cannot add a server on a Linux 64-bit operating system because that operating system requires a different Informix executable image. Check the machine notes file: you can use any combination of hardware and operating systems listed as supported in the same machine notes file.
  • The hardware that runs the primary and secondary database servers must support network capabilities.
  • The amount of disk space allocated to dbspaces for the primary and secondary database servers must be equal. The type of disk space is irrelevant; you can use any mixture of raw or cooked spaces on the two database servers.
  • The chunks on each computer must have the same path names. Symbolic links are allowed for UNIX platforms, but not for Windows platforms.

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