Changing the configuration parameters for an HDR replication pair

Certain configuration parameters must be set to the same value on both database servers in a HDR replication pair (as listed under Database server configuration requirements for clusters.) Configuration parameters that can have different values on each database server can be changed individually.

To make changes to onconfig files:

  1. Bring each database server offline with the onmode -k option. If automatic failover by Connection Managers or automatic switchover from DRAUTO settings of 1 or 2 are enabled, bring the HDR secondary server offline first.
  2. Change the parameters on each database server.
  3. Starting with the database server that was last brought offline, bring each database server back online.

    For example, if you brought the HDR secondary database server offline last, bring the HDR secondary database server online first. Table 1 lists the procedures for bringing the primary and secondary database servers back online.

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