Renaming chunks

If you use symbolic links for chunk path names, you can rename chunks while HDR is operating. For instructions on renaming chunks, see the IBM® Informix® Backup and Restore Guide.

If you do not use symbolic links for chunk path names, you must take both database servers offline while renaming the chunks, for the time that it takes to complete a cold restore of the database server.

To rename chunks on a failed HDR server:

  1. Change the mode of the undamaged server to standard.
  2. Take a level-0 backup of the standard server.
  3. Shut down the standard server.
  4. Rename the chunks on the standard server during a cold restore from the new level-0 archive (for instructions, see the IBM Informix Backup and Restore Guide).
  5. Start the standard server.
  6. Take another level-0 archive of the standard server. Be sure the server is in standard mode.
  7. Restore the failed server with the new level-0 backup and reestablish the HDR pair.

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