Manage the logical log

The size of the logical log must be the same on both database servers. You can add or drop a logical-log file with the onparams utility, as described in Manage logical-log files. HCL Informix® replicates this change on the secondary database server; however, the LOGFILES parameter on the secondary database server is not updated. After you issue the onparams command from the primary database server, therefore, you must manually change the LOGFILES parameter to the appropriate value on the secondary database server. Finally, for the change to take effect, you must perform a level-0 backup of the root dbspace on the primary database server.

If you add a logical-log file to the primary database server, this file is available for use and flagged F as soon as you perform the level-0 backup. The new logical-log file on the secondary database server is still flagged A. However, this condition does not prevent the secondary database server from writing to the file.

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