The oncheck -pr option

If your database server is running HDR, the reserved pages PAGE_1ARCH and PAGE_2ARCH store the checkpoint information that HDR uses to synchronize the primary and secondary database servers. An example of the relevant oncheck -pr output is given in the following example.
Validating Informix Database Server reserved pages - PAGE_1ARCH &
          Using archive page PAGE_1ARCH.

    Archive Level                  0
    Real Time Archive Began        01/11/95 16:54:07
    Time Stamp Archive Began       11913
    Logical Log Unique Id          3
    Logical Log Position           b018

    DR Ckpt Logical Log Id         3
    DR Ckpt Logical Log Pos        80018
    DR Last Logical Log Id         3
    DR Last Logical Log Page       128

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