Validate table and tblspace data

To validate table and tblspace data, use the oncheck -cD command on the database or table.

Most of the general assertion-failure messages are followed by additional information that usually includes the tblspace where the error was detected. If this check verifies the inconsistency, unload the data from the table, drop the table, recreate the table, and reload the data. Otherwise, no other action is required.

In many cases, the database server stops immediately when an assertion fails. However, when failures seem to be specific to a table or smaller entity, the database server continues to run.

When an assertion fails because of inconsistencies on a data page that the database server accesses on behalf of a user, an error is also sent to the application process. The SQL error depends on the operation in progress. However, the ISAM error is almost always either -105 or -172, as follows:
-105 ISAM error: bad isam file format 
-172 ISAM error: Unexpected internal error

For additional details about the objectives and contents of messages, see the topics about message-log messages in the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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