The message log to monitor disabling I/O errors

The database server sends a message to the message log when a disabling I/O error occurs.

The message is:
Assert Failed: Chunk {chunk-number} is being taken OFFLINE.
Who: Description of user/session/thread running at the time
Result: State of the affected database server entity
Action: What action the database server administrator should take
See Also: DUMPDIR/af.uniqid containing more diagnostics
The result and action depend on the current setting of ONDBSPACEDOWN, as described in the following table.
ONDBSPACEDOWN setting Result Action
0 Dbspace {space_name} is disabled. Restore dbspace {space_name}.
  Blobspace {space_name} is disabled. Restore blobspace {space_name}.
1 The database server must stop. Shut down and restart the database server.
2 The database server blocks at next checkpoint. Use onmode -k to shut down, or use onmode -O to override.

The value of ONDBSPACEDOWN has no affect on temporary dbspaces. For temporary dbspaces, the database server continues processing regardless of the ONDBSPACEDOWN setting. If a temporary dbspace requires fixing, you can drop and recreate it.

For more information about interpreting messages that the database server sends to the message log, see the topics about message-log messages in the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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