TP/XA Library with a transaction manager

A global transaction is a distributed query where more than one database server is involved in the query. A global transaction environment has the following parts:
  • The client application
  • The resource manager (HCL Informix® database server)
  • The transaction manager (vendor software)

TP/XA is a library of functions that lets the database server act as a resource manager in the X/Open DTP environment. Install the TP/XA library as part of IBM® Informix ESQL/C to enable communication between a third-party transaction manager and the database server. The X/Open environment supports large-scale, high-performance OLTP applications.

Use TP/XA when your database has the following characteristics:
  • Data is distributed across multivendor databases
  • Transactions include HCL Informix and non-Informix data

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