Gateways that can participate in a heterogeneous commit transaction

A gateway acts as a bridge between the HCL Informix® application (in this case, a database server) and a different database server. You can use a gateway to use HCL Informix applications to access and modify data that is stored in a database that is not HCL Informix.

The following table lists the gateways and corresponding database servers that can participate in a transaction in which the database server uses the heterogeneous commit protocol.
Table 1. Gateways and corresponding database servers/heterogeneous commit transaction
Gateway Database servers
HCL Informix Enterprise Gateway with DRDA IBM® DB2®, OS/400®, SQL/DS
HCL Informix Enterprise Gateway for EDA/SQL EDA/SQL
HCL Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager Any database server with ODBC connectivity

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