Enable and disable of heterogeneous commit

Use a text editor to change the HETERO_COMMIT configuration parameter which enables or disables heterogeneous commit: The change takes effect when you shut down and restart the database server.

When you set HETERO_COMMIT to 1, the transaction coordinator checks for distributed transactions that require the use of heterogeneous commit. When the coordinator detects such a transaction, it automatically executes the heterogeneous commit protocol.

If you set HETERO_COMMIT to 0 or any number other than 1, the transaction coordinator disables the heterogeneous commit protocol. The following table summarizes which protocol the transaction coordinator uses, heterogeneous commit or two-phase commit, to ensure the integrity of a distributed transaction.
HETERO_COMMIT setting Gateway participant updated Database server protocol
Disabled No Two-phase commit
Disabled Yes Two-phase commit
Enabled No Two-phase commit
Enabled Yes Heterogeneous commit

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