Modifying the scheduler

You can modify the properties of Scheduler tasks, sensors, alerts, thresholds, or groups. You can modify both built-in properties and properties that you added.

You must be connected to the sysadmin database as user informix or another authorized user.
To modify Scheduler properties:
Use an UPDATE statement for the appropriate Scheduler table in the sysadmin database.


The following example stops a task named task1 from running:

UPDATE ph_task 
  SET tk_enable = "F" 
    WHERE tk_name = "task1";

The following example changes the amount of time that data collected by the built-in sensor mon_profile to 99 days:

UPDATE ph_task
SET tk_delete = "INTERVAL ( 99 ) DAY TO DAY"
WHERE tk_name = "mon_profile";

The following example changes the threshold named COMMAND HISTORY RETENTION to 20 so that the command_history table retains information about SQL administration API commands for 20 days:

UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = "20 0:00:00"

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