Remote administration with the SQL administration API

You can use the SQL administration API to perform remote administration tasks by using SQL statements.

The SQL administration API functions take one or more arguments that define the task. Many of the tasks are ones that you can also complete with command-line utilities. The advantage of using the SQL administration API functions is that you can run them remotely from other database servers. You must be directly connected to the database server when you run command-line utility commands.

You can perform the following types of administrative tasks with the SQL administration API:

  • Control data compression
  • Update configuration parameters
  • Check data, partitions, and extents consistency, control the B-tree scanner, and force a checkpoint
  • Set up and administer Enterprise Replication
  • Set up and administer high-availability clusters
  • Control logging and logical logs
  • Control shared-memory and add buffer pools
  • Control mirroring
  • Control decision-support queries
  • Change the server mode
  • Add, drop, and configure storage spaces
  • Control the SQL statement cache
  • Control and configure SQL tracing
  • Start and stop the listen control threads dynamically
  • Perform other tasks, such as moving the sysadmin database, terminating a session, or adding a virtual processor

For more information about the SQL administration API, see the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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