Monitoring and troubleshooting connection management

Tools are available to monitor connection management, and help you diagnose potential problems.

The following options are available for connection management monitoring and troubleshooting:
  • Use the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix® to monitor connection management.
  • Set the LOG and LOGFILE parameters in Connection Manager configuration files. Log files contain information about service level agreements, failover configuration, and status information. The location of the log file is displayed when the Connection Manager is started.
  • Run onstat -g cmsm to display information about Connection Manager instances.
  • Set the CMALARMPROGRAM parameter in Connection Manager configuration files, and configure the cmalarmprogram script to handle event alarms.
  • If the Connection Manager raises an event alarm:
    • The INFORMIXCMNAME environment variable stores the name of the Connection Manager instance that raised the alarm.
    • TheINFORMIXCMCONUNITNAME environment variable stores the name of the Connection Manager connection unit that raised the alarm.

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