Converting older formats of the Connection Manager configuration file to the current format

The Connection Manager configuration file in versions of HCL Informix® Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) before version 3.70.xC3 are incompatible with the current version of the Connection Manager. You must convert configuration files from versions before 3.70.xC3 by running the oncmsm utility.

If you have multiple configuration files to convert, combine related SLA definitions into a single configuration file.

You can convert Connection Manager configuration files, even if a Connection Manager is running.

To convert a Connection Manager file to the current format:

  1. Log on to the computer on which the updated Client SDK is installed.
  2. Run the oncmsm utility, specifying old and new configuration file names.
After the configuration file is converted, it can be loaded into a Connection Manager.

Example: Converting a configuration file and loading it into a Connection Manager

For the following example:
  • You are using a UNIX operating system.
  • You updated a Connection Manager from 3.50.xC9 to 4.10xC1, and must update your configuration file.
  • The Connection Manager was using a configuration file that is named configuration_file_old and located in $INFORMIXDIR/etc.
  • You want to convert the file to the new format and rename the file to configuration_file_new.
Run the following commands:
  1. oncmsm -c configuration_file_old -n configuration_file_new
  2. oncmsm -c configuration_file_new

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