Unloading data with named pipes

You can use a named pipe to unload data from the database to external tables.

To use named pipes to unload data to external tables, follow these steps:

  1. Specify the named pipe in the DATAFILES clause of either the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE statement or the SELECT INTO EXTERNAL statement of SQL.
    DATAFILES ("PIPE:/usr/local/TAPE")
  2. Create the named pipes that you specified in the DATAFILES clause. Use operating-system commands to create the named pipes.
  3. Open the named pipes with a program that writes to the named pipe.
  4. Unload data to the named pipe.
       ( name CHAR(18) EXTERNAL CHAR(20),
         hiredate DATE EXTERNAL CHAR(10),
         address VARCHAR(40) EXTERNAL CHAR(40),
         empno INTEGER EXTERNAL CHAR(6) )
       USING (
          FORMAT 'FIXED',
    INSERT INTO emp_ext SELECT * FROM employee;
Important: If you do not create and open the named pipes before you execute the SELECT or INSERT statement, the unload fails with the ENXIO error message (no such device or address).

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