Monitor frequent load and unload operations

Use the onstat -g iof command to find the global file descriptor (gfd) in the file that you want to examine. Then the onstat -g sql command to monitor load and unload operations.

The following example shows sample onstat -g iof command output.
AIO global files:
gfd path name      bytes read   page reads   bytes write   page writes  io/s
3   rootdbs       1918976      937          145061888     70831        36.5

      op type     count         avg. time
      seeks       0             N/A
      reads       937           0.0010
      writes      4088          0.0335
      kaio_reads  0             N/A
      kaio_writes 0             N/A
To determine if a load or unload operation can use parallel execution, execute the SET EXPLAIN ON statement before the INSERT statement. The SET EXPLAIN output shows the following counts:
  • Number of parallel SQL operators that the optimizer chooses for the INSERT statement
  • Number of rows to be processed by each SQL operator

To monitor a load operation, run onstat -g sql to obtain the session ID.

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