Creating a threshold

You can create a threshold to determine under what conditions a Scheduler task or sensor is run.

You must be connected to the sysadmin database as user informix or another authorized user.

A threshold specifies a value that can be compared to a current value to determine whether a task or sensor must be run.

To create a threshold:
  1. Use an INSERT statement to add values for the following columns in the ph_threshold table:
    • name: the name of the threshold
    • task_name: the name of the task from the ph_task table
    • value: the value of the threshold
    • value_type: the data type of the threshold (STRING or NUMERIC)
    • description: a description of what the threshold does
  2. Write the task or sensor action to use the threshold.


The following example adds a threshold named IDLE TIMEOUT for a task named Idle_timeout:
INSERT INTO ph_threshold 
"Maximum amount of time in minutes for non-informix users to be idle."
The task action subtracts the time of the last user action from the current time and compare that value with the value column in the ph_threshold table.

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