A plogspace is a logical storage unit that is composed of one chunk that stores the physical log. When the physical log is in the plogspace, the database server increases the size of the physical log as needed to improve performance.

If you did not create a server during installation, the physical log is created in the root dbspace. However, you can create the plogspace to move the physical log to a different dbspace to prevent the physical log from filling the root dbspace. For optimal performance, create the plogspace on a different disk from the root dbspace or the location of the logical logs. If you created a server during installation, the plogspace is created automatically with a default size that depends on the value of the AUTO_TUNE_SERVER_SIZE configuration parameter.

By default, the chunk that you assign to the plogspace is extendable, therefore, the initial size of the chunk can be small. The database server automatically expands the chunk when the physical log requires more space.

The plogspace has the following restrictions:

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