CMALARMPROGRAM Connection Manager configuration parameter

The CMALARMPROGRAM parameter specifies the path and file name of a program or script to run if failover processing encounters an error.

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The CMALARMPROGRAM parameter is optional, and is supported by the following connection units:
  • GRID

If the Connection Manager cannot find a server capable of receiving failover, it searches for ORDER-attribute servers at increasing intervals, up to 60 seconds, for a maximum of two days. If failover processing fails after eight attempts, the Connection Manager calls the program that is specified by the CMALARMPROGRAM parameter. The first eight failover attempts take approximately one minute.

Before you can use the cmalarmprogram script, you must edit the file, and set the script parameters.

The ALARMADMIN and ALARMPAGER parameters determine the level of Connection Manager event alarms that are sent to specified email addresses.
Table 1. Connection Manager event-alarm levels
Level of Connection Manager event alarm Alarm type
0 (default) None
1 Unimportant informational alarms
2 Informational alarms
3 Alarms requiring attention
4 Emergency alarms
5 Fatal error alarms


In the following example, is called if failover processing fails after eight attempts:

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