Local License Server

The Local License Server (LLS) runs on a machine within the local network and serves out licenses just like the CLS that is visible on the internet. It is linked to the FNO back office through the use of a DeviceID that is specified using the LLS hostIdent as an ETHERNET device.

There are two possible configurations:
  1. An online server that has a connection to the internet and will periodically sync up with the FNO back office server to keep track of the currently held licenses. This allows for the LLS to run on dedicated hardware with secure firewalls to isolate production instances of Informix from the internet. The default sync time is 24 hourswhich can be changed through the REST interface.
  2. An offline server that requires a manual data transfer operation to notify the FNO back office server of the current license allocations. The notification mechanism involves the downloading and uploading of files between the LLS and the FNO backoffice server. Using this method allows for a complete air-gap to be maintained between the LLS and the internet.
Once the LLS is configured, it is accessed by the client device using the same LICENSE_SERVER configuration parameter. But instead of specifying the cloud based server, hclsoftware.compliance.flexnetoperations.com, the local network hostname for the machine running the LLS is used, along with the port number allocated to the server. It is possible to run the LLS on the same server as the Informix instance and the LICENSE_SERVER URL, using the default port number, would then typically be http://example.com:7070/instances/<ServerDevice>/request
Note: LLS requests for licenses are served over the HTTP protocol, unlike CLS requests that use the HTTPS protocol.
The LLS will accept REST commands in the same way that the CLS does. The default REST configuration requires the set up of a secure HTTPS listener within the LLS to protect the exchange of authentication tokens. The Java utility keytool can be used to generate a self signed certificate for the LLS to use, although it is recommended that a valid corporate certificate is used.

For more information on LICENSE_SERVER configuration parameter, refer LICENSE_SERVER configuration parameter.

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