DB_LIBRARY_PATH configuration parameter

Use the DB_LIBRARY_PATH configuration parameter to specify a comma-separated list of valid directory prefix locations from which the database server can load external modules, such as DataBlade modules. You can also include server environment variables, such as $INFORMIXDIR, in the list.

You must specify the paths to the external modules exactly as the paths are registered with the database server. Relative paths or paths that include double periods (..) are not valid. External modules in the file systems that are not specified by this parameter cannot be loaded. This list is scanned prior to loading C language modules.

If you set this configuration parameter, you must also include the string $INFORMIXDIR/extend as part of the value. If the string $INFORMIXDIR/extend is not included in DB_LIBRARY_PATH, built-in extensions, DataBlade modules, and the BladeManager utility do not load.

onconfig.std value
Not set
if not present
The database server can load external modules from any location
List of path names (up to 512 bytes)
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.

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